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VersionOne - The Benefit of Agile Tools

How can Agile Project Management Tools improve delivery?

From the creation of an Agile team through scaling to multiple projects across multiple (and possibly distributed) teams, different issues arise in terms of managing a backlog, tracking effort, and fulfilling reporting requirements.

This discussion will touch on different methods that offer visibility throughout the software development lifecycle from traditional low-fi tools to incorporating agile project management applications with specific focus on VersionOne.

Katia Sullivan, product specialist and Certified Scrum Master with VersionOne will be offering this 45-minute discussion entitled "The Benefit of Agile Tools" where she will discuss the progression of Agile teams in respect to managing projects using Agile Methodologies and the role various tools can have. This discussion will be in Spanish and promises an interactive format with question and answers available throughout the timeframe.


Duración: 45 min
Idioma: Español
Día: 22/10
Horario: 17:15 - 18:00
Sala: Cascada I