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Matt Gelbwaks, North Main Consulting

Matt Gelbwaks

North Main is a coaching consultancy that specializing in increasing throughput and decreasing dysfunction. We believe deeply in the value of applying an abstracted Deming Cycle to all business activities - this is encapsulated by our values:

  • The act of Planning, not the existence of a Plan
  • Decisive Execution and failing fast if necessary, not Tentative Implementation without institutional learning
  • Retrospection and improvement, rather than aspersion and blame
  • Collective soul, rather than individual heroes

We range world wide and coach both co-located and distributed teams.

Prior to starting North Main, Matt has worked as the Chief Agilist for Globant in Buenos Aires, SourceForge in San Francisco, and Borland in Cupertino.

Prior to these undertakings, Matt led teams and consulting practices for ThoughtWorks in Chicago, Segway in NH, and several other organizations.

He has worked with teams seeking to be more agile in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, UK, Argentina, and of course, the US.

He has also teamed with CMMI assessors in the US and Argentina to further the concept of Agility within the CMMI.