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Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course

Duration: 2 days
Trainers: Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck.

As global competitiveness comes to the software development industry, the search is on for a better way to create first-class software rapidly, repeatedly and reliably.

Lean initiatives in manufacturing, logistics, and services have led to dramatic improvements in cost, quality and delivery time. Can they do the same for software development? The short answer is “Absolutely!”.

Of the many methods that have arisen to improve software development, Lean is emerging as one that is grounded in decades of work, understanding how to make processes better. Lean thinking focuses on giving customers what they want, when and where they want it, without wasted motion or a wasted minute.

Following are some examples of Lean principles you will learn how to apply to software development by working through real problems with your peers in this workshop: Rapid Response, Constant Learning, Built-in Quality, Local Responsibility and Global Optimization.


You will learn how to:

  1. Develop a Value Stream Map for your current software development organization, and then create a new map for the future.
  2. Reorganize the software development process around short development cycles that speed the delivery of real value.
  3. Understand how to drive software quality by moving testing to the "front and center" of the development process.
  4. Assess the state of your basic disciplines that determine your software development process capability.
  5. Gauge the capacity of your software development organization and limit work to match that capacity.
  6. Engage people by moving responsibility and decision-making to the development team.
  7. Apply classic process improvement methods to real problems in your environment.
  8. Create measurements that drive optimized results for the whole organization.

Course Description

This workshop is an even mixture of lecture and small-group work on case studies. After each topic is presented, attendees apply the concept to a real project of someone in the group.  The format provides an in-depth exploration of strategies for applying the seven lean principles of:

  1. Eliminate Waste
  2. Create Knowledge
  3. Build Quality In
  4. Defer Commitment
  5. Deliver Fast
  6. Respect People
  7. Improve the System

In addition, practical implementation techniques are covered, including:

  • Creating and using Value Stream Maps
  • Assessing your process capability
  • Applying queuing theory to the software development pipeline
  • Emphasizing relentless improvement
  • Working in a regulated environment
  • Approaches for outsourcing and contracts (optional)


This program is designed for senior software-development practitioners, team leads and managers who are considering Lean software development for their organizations. It will be particularly useful to those who are looking for tools and practices that they can put to use.


This training will be conducted in English. A Spanish-speaking instructor’s assistant will be available during this two-day course to help people that may have difficulty understanding concepts, words or phrases, thereby facilitating the learning process for the attendees.

Class size

28 attendees


October 20 – 21, 2008


Hotel Bauen

Av. Callao 360 (C1022AAQ)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
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9:00 to 18:00 Hs.


U$S 600 per attendee.
Promotional fee before July, 25th: U$S 500 per attendee.


You can make your reservation leaving your information contact here.