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Distributed Agile

Matt Gelbwaks, Emilio Gutter

As businesses continue to consolidate globally, many are left with seemingly competing objectives: do more faster, and reduce redundancies. Often, this translates into reducing local management and having remote functional groups report into organizational control functions separated by buildings, timezones, or even oceans. Stress and anxiety end up accumulating ferociously, as the more of this that is done, the less of the "more faster" seems to be accomplished.

We are firm believers that the best venue for doing more (and better), faster is through the agile values and practices. We also believe that not all projects can be sub-divided so as to be satisfactorily completed by collocated teams.

Distributed agile is harder than agile, so perhaps we need to look at a different model for the masses.



Duración: 90 min
Idioma: Inglés
Día: 23/10
Horario: 9:00 - 10:30
Sala: Bolivar